Angel Yeast showcases innovation

Angel Yeast, a listed yeast and yeast extract manufacturer, exhibited its latest products and solutions of fermentation nutrients at Bio China 2022, an expo on fermentation and biotechnology held in Jinan, Shandong province.

During the mid-July expo, the company showcased an array of new products, including yeast-derived peptones, a brand new plant protein hydrolysate, the first yeast hydrolysate made for cell cultivating in China, and yeast powder for industrial application.

“We feel honoured to be part of the expo and we are happy to meet and talk with business partners and peers in the industry. Angel Yeast has a longstanding commitment to creating a healthy life with innovation. In many years we have been working on research and development in major fields of microbial fermentation that improve quality of life and health, such as food and feed ingredients, bio-pharmaceutical, bio-chemistry, and bio-agriculture and food culture,” said Xianwu Qin, chief engineer of Angel Yeast.

“Most consumers might not be familiar with fermentation nutrients. Actually these products are vital to our daily life and health,” added Qin. He further explained that fermentation nutrient products are key ingredients for the production of insulin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, probiotics, vaccines and many others. “We expect to see our innovation resulting in a healthier life for everyone.”

At the expo, Angel Yeast also announced further steps to drive the industry forward, including building an intelligent production line for plant nitrogen sources in Binzhou, Shandong province. The production line will be in operation by October.

With a capacity of 5,000 tonnes, it is expected to produce high-quality plant nitrogen source products, such as a wide range of peptones derived from soy, wheat, corn and pea. Plant nitrogen source products by Angel Yeast can be used in conjunction with yeast-sourced fermentation nutrients to improve downstream performance and efficiency.

The company has set its sights on the biomedical sector as well. Its yeast extract powders and yeast protein hydrolysates have been applied successfully in vaccines and other biological products.


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