Ardent Mills releases Trend to Table report

Flour milling and ingredient company Ardent Mills recently announced the release of its inaugural Trend to Table report. The comprehensive analysis dissected over 10,000 survey results to better understand what drives consumer decision-making regarding the food they buy and eat. Based the findings, the report further outlines opportunities to spark innovation in flour and grain-based foods across a wide range of industry sectors.

“Being a trusted supplier-partner means approaching dynamic consumer behaviours with curiosity and intention,” said Matt Schueller, Director, Marketing Insights and Analytics at Ardent Mills. “The goal of this large survey and our Trend to Table™ report is to create a better understanding of these trends as well as an actionable roadmap for our customers. To move food forward, Ardent Mills will leverage this data with our customers to foster deeper, strategic partnerships to better meet consumer demand.”

The report outlines pivotal trends shaping the industry, including insights on consumer sentiment and purchases. Notably, it highlights tension points within consumer preferences. For example, while 80% of respondents emphasise seeking healthier foods to meet their dietary goals, 68% also prioritise indulgent treats.

This tension reflects the complex interplay between health-conscious choices and the desire for enjoyable, indulgent treats, presenting both challenges and opportunities for food manufacturers.

In addition to highlighting consumer preferences, the report also uncovers actionable insights around consumer perceptions on sustainability, ingredient knowledge, and internal and external influences on eating habits.

“We are committed to empowering our customers and serving as a steadfast partner to navigate the evolving food landscape,” concluded Angie Goldberg, Chief Growth Officer at Ardent Mills. “In addition to benefiting our customers, the insights from our Trend to Table report will also play a role in driving purpose-powered innovation that guides us as we work to expand our product portfolio and our efforts to change the way the world is nourished.”

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