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Jeroen Godesystem Engineer and Bakery Expert at Syntegon, talks to International Confectionery about the company’s packaging capabilities and developments in the industry.

1/ How does Syntegon stay ahead of the curve? 

Syntegon has decades of experience in engineering packaging systems. We carefully analyse the requirements of our customers to ensure they get a system tailored to their needs. 

Syntegon provides bakery manufacturers with individual solutions – which is why we were able to maintain high market shares. At the same time, there is a constant need to respond to manufacturers’ demands. Receiving customer feedback is very important as it is ultimately them who have every-day working experience with the machines. Within customer relationships, Syntegon values exchange and discussion: If a customer needs a special feature, we try to find the optimal solution together and try to incorporate their experience into future designs. 

2/ How do your machines stand out compared to your competitors’ 

One of the main strengths of Syntegon’s equipment lines is the modular design that allows for high flexibility to cater to a wide range of product and pack style variations. With this, we can respond to the manufacturer’s needs and provide a fitting solution, whether that is an entry level system, an efficient high-speed solution or anything in between. 

Additionally, Syntegon is currently integrating the Internet of Things (IOT) into its machines. This means, that HMI operating systems for each line feature advanced monitoring capabilities. These were first unveiled at Interpack in 2017. The technology has been continuously developed to fit customers’ demands for even more user-friendly systems that enhance the efficiency for their individual production operations. Many Syntegon customers have been able to double their efficiency levels by optimising their production processes using HMI operating systems.  

3/ How have your Pack-Series flow wrapping machines improved sealing quality? 

Several updates were made to improve process efficiency and film control: For example, a servo-driven power feed roller was added to optimize film tension and tracking. The new fin seal unit consists of pressure-controlled fin wheels, that allow the easy adjustment of the machine when running a variety of products with different films. Due to the cut-out deckplates, each package now passes over the fin wheels more closely – yielding even tighter packages. Operators are now able to remove the fin fold-over unit without tools and have full access to the cutting head area for cleaning and maintenance, which increases OEE. The cross-seal unit, in turn, stands out due to its narrow cutting head, which operators can manually remove for cleaning and clearing using a hand wheel. Gusseted pack styles can be processed using air and fork gusseting. In a final step, the mechanically driven overhead roller tightens the packaging seals on the discharge belt station. 

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