Bosch introduces Pack 102 flow wrapper with robotic integration

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At the International Baking Industry Expo 2019, Bosch Packaging Technology will introduce its entry-level Pack 102 horizontal flow wrapper using a Fanuc Scara robot. This packaging solution with light automation is ideal for small to medium-sized bakeries and other companies.

“Visitors will experience a cost-effective solution. Even for an entry-level stage, robotics can be an option. We have a lot of experience in implementing robots into our proven flow wrappers,” says Kelly Meer, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology in New Richmond, WI. The Fanuc robot runs without interruption and is able to carry out 50 picks per minute. In total, up to three robots can be included in the Pack 102 system.

Entry-level flow wrapping

At IBIE, Bosch showcases its entry-level Pack 102 horizontal flow wrapper with light automation for the bakery industry. The machine stands out for its versatility and is able to wrap products of various sizes, such as cookies, crackers, croissants or other baked goods.

It achieves an output of 150 packages per minute and features a corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel design for easy cleaning. Bosch will be showing the Pack 102 with a single Fanuc Scara robot for pick-and-place. Visitors can watch demo runs of the system with chocolate chip cookies to see the smooth integration of robotics into the proven Bosch Pack 102.

 Efficient and safe product infeed

The robot picks the products directly from two baking trays where about 15 cookies are placed on each baking sheet. It takes individual cookies off the sheet and places them into the infeed chain of Bosch’s Pack 102 flow wrapper. Vision is used to find and place the products reliably into the infeed. When a product is broken, the robot is able to detect it and will not pick it up.

As a result of the vacuum technology, products are handled very gently as they are picked from the baking sheets. “As soon as one tray is emptied, the robot automatically switches to the second tray, making sure that the process runs smoothly without interruption. This kind of automated solution helps to reduce repetitive motions for operators and offers new options for smaller companies who struggle with labour reliability or who want to accelerate their production process,” Kelly Meer explains.

Experienced in robot integration

Bosch works closely with its customers to find the perfect picking strategy. This is especially important when the product characteristics or production conditions are more challenging. For example, sticky products or humid production facilities. Pick tests with customer’s products help to solve the challenges.

At times, the Bosch experts visit customer sites to inspect the environment of the packaging facility. “We have over 20 years of experience with integrating robots into our systems. We not only make sure to find the ideal solution for the specific product application; we also take care of all safety requirements and provide a full integration into our flow wrappers,” Kelly Meer says.

The controls for both the flow wrapper and the robot are integrated into one Human Machine Interface (HMI). This ensures that machine operators have one central place to make all adjustments including speed, picking heights, and other parameters. To learn more about this solution, visit Bosch Packaging Technology at IBIE, Central Hall, booth 7415.

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