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Bougie Bakes, an LA-based DTC healthy and sustainable bakery, has officially launched the Cookie of the Month Program. Kicking off with a winter classic, the Snowball Cookie, Bougie Bakes is taking 2022 by storm with this brand new initiative as a way to further engage with the community in a fun and delicious way. Established by co-Founders Meghan and Ryan Quinn, Bougie Bakes manufactures gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free products made with zero preservatives.

Pulling inspiration from nostalgic flavors we loved as kids, classics we crave, and seasonal staples, the Cookie of the Month Program will feature a limited-edition new flavor available at the top of each month. Bougie Bakes has taken the Snowball Cookie, arguably the most popular cookie of the winter season, and made them even better. Crunchier in texture but gluten-free, dairy-free & sugar-free, of course, these delicious treats will melt in your mouth the way any good shortbread cookie should, making them the perfect delight to warm up any frigid winter day.

“We believe this new program is a great way to keep consumers excited about Bougie Bakes, while also giving us the opportunity to explore fun new flavors that could eventually become year-round staples,” said co-Founders Meghan and Ryan Quinn. “Plus, with the subscription option, it really is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!”

Available for purchase on Bougie Bakes’ website, a tin of 16 cookies costs $35, OR if you’re a cookie connoisseur, you can sign up for their subscription service ($29.75/month) so you never miss out on their fun new flavors. And as with all of Bougie Bakes products, the Cookie of the Month bakes are placed in 100% recyclable trays and are wrapped in cellulose derived from wood pulp. Bougie Bakes also uses water-activated tape made with recycled paper, ensuring the entire package is 100 percent sustainable. For more information, visit or follow @bougiebakes on Instagram.

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