Bradfords Bakers put hygiene at the forefront

UK-based e-commerce company Bradfords Bakers has put hygiene at the forefront of operations since the beginning of the pandemic. Doing so has not only protected customers and existing staff members but has also allowed them to double their staff to 10.

At the start of the pandemic, staff members were quick to fall into strong hygiene practices, which included wearing masks all day, sanitising hands more regularly and vigorously, and wiping down all communal surfaces after use with anti-bacterial wipes. The walls were lined with Covid-19 information posters, and staff members formed bubble with those they worked closest with. 

As outbreaks occur in workplaces, and staff face furlough or even being fired, Bradfords Bakers staff members feel secure in their positions, and safe to come into work each day. The bakery’s owners have expressed how important they believe employment can be for people, as it can provide a sense of purpose, a reason to be active and leave the house each day, and a way to be social with others outside their household. 

Maintaining strong hygiene and cleanliness benefits not only Bradfords Bakers’ staff, but also their customers. The company is known for their hampers and cupcakes and other baked treats. The care the bakers take to keep themselves safe and clean means they can continue to put hampers together by hand and decorate cupcakes by hand. All goods and gifts from Bradfords Bakers look unique, not like they have come off a production line. 

While lockdowns and travel restrictions remain, Bradfords Bakers understanding the importance of gifting. Family and friends cannot visit each other socially, and many Britons have gone months without seeing loved ones. While members of the public stay diligent in protecting themselves and others, Bradfords Bakers are happy to help, and to deliver the perfect gift.

After lockdowns have been lifted, Bradfords Bakers will continue to keep the safety of their customers and their staff at the top of their priority list. Perhaps the pandemic has highlighted how frivolous we could all be with cleanliness beforehand, but Bradfords Bakers has seen what is at stake when these things slip. 

Over the lockdown, Bradfords Bakers has seen a drastic increase in demand for their gifts. They are currently operating at 350% and are currently inundated with orders especially for Valentine’s Day, and are sure to receive a large number of gift orders for Mother’s Day as well. Due to the level of orders received last year, their staff numbers were doubled. 

The bakery has said it is very thankful for the amount of business received. Bradfords Bakers received the chance to help Linn Audio express gratitude to their staff, who were working from home around the Christmas period, and provided the tech company with 150 hampers. The bakery provides gifts for corporate and personal events alike, and ensures each box is packaged safely and hygienically. 


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