Breaking Bread: Esther Pearson

International Bakery sits down with Esther Pearson, Managing Director at Clive’s Purely Plants

If you weren’t working in this industry, what would you be doing?  
I would probably still be in the charity sector, endeavouring to do good for the planet, whilst still feeling like I was moving deckchairs on the titanic.  

What about working in this industry excites you? 
I love working in manufacturing and vegan food in particular. When they said it was fast moving, it really is! Having control over our own manufacturing enables us to develop and launch new products in a 12 week development timeline, its pressured of course but seeing new products arrive on shelf and being loved by shoppers is enormously satisfying! Knowing that every product we sell is helping someone to eat less meat and working towards a more sustainable food system for the planet. 

Which celebrity would you meet, alive or dead? 
Not a celebrity exactly but he is to us. I would love to spend more time with Clive and would have liked to have met his wife Lucie, he is quite frail now and unfortunately Lucie has passed away. They were really ahead of their time, making simply delicious vegan pies with the best ingredients, starting back in the early 80s. We are still true to their initial aims and make affordable vegan food with the best organic ingredients. 

What’s your favourite snack? 
I do like to graze and also to keep a close eye on Clives quality so the two things go hand in hand and you will (usually) find me snacking on pieces of pie, quiche and our new snacking roll range, along with trying ingredients as new batches arrive. If I’m out on the road I do still struggle to find other ready to eat, fresh and tasty vegan options so do like to pack a clives-car-nic…. 

Where in the world have been your favourite places to visit? 
We love to travel as a family and prefer to hop on the ferry at Plymouth, crossing to France or Spain and travelling from there. Vegan options are still few and far between when travelling but I fell in love with Portugal recently and found it really easy to find vegan options – almost in every restaurant, café and supermarket we visited. Surprising but true! 

What do you do in your free time? 
Well the last answer was a bit of a clue, we love to travel to places with beautiful coastlines. We are all a bit watery in my family and my favourite thing is to be swimming, suping, surfing, windsurfing, anything really as long as it involves being in the sea! 

What message do you live your life by? 
Be humble. Be clear. Be grateful. Be positive…

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