Bridor celebrates 10 years


Bakery manufacturer Bridor is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and to commemorate, is reflecting on the last decade and the French pâtisseries that have “stood the test of time.”

The tradition of French pâtisserie has remained a constant, adapting to various trends and giving hospitality a stream of new innovations to cater to latest consumer demands and interests. Bridor and Maison Lenôtre, for example, have been working together to create French patisseries built on shared values of high standards, excellence and creativity and to provide the hospitality sector with opportunity to tap into consumer trends.

“Bridor is celebrating 10 years of pastry which marks 10 years since we first started creating pâtisserie with Maison Lenôtre,” said Erwan Inizan, Northern European Sales Director at Bridor. “This is an opportunity to look back at some of our most successful pâtisserie collections and those that we collaborate with … Over the last 10 years, we’ve worked hard to innovate across all of our ranges, giving our customers a continuous stream of outstanding pastries to choose from.”

In its collaborations with Maison Lenôtre, Bridor has produced macarons, made with French meringue and quality ingredients. Each macaron has a filling made from either buttercream or Charentes Poitou butter, fruit compote or whipped ganache for a light and modern texture. The seven flavours available include vanilla, raspberry, chocolate, lemon, salted butter caramel, pistachio and coffee.

In another collaboration both companies produced the Petit Fours range, made with quality ingredients and giving caterers the chance to enhance buffets, catering events and desserts. Each Petit Four is made with select raw materials which includes full cream made with 35% fat, fruit compote, purées, fruit juices and dark chocolate. The tartlet bases are inspired by Breton biscuits made from 100% pure butter and the choux pastry is based on a traditional recipe.

The patisseries also include Bridor’s traditional macarons which are available in eight flavours including passionfruit, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, caramel, pistachio, coffee and lemon. This has been one of Bridor’s most successful collections over the last 10 years, the success of which has prompted the manufacturer to introduce a further six flavours in a summer collection, to give caterers the opportunity to serve seasonal themed macarons. Flavours include orange blossom, strawberry, blackcurrant, coconut, apricot and rose.

Bridor’s financiers are soft, oval or rectangular patisseries made from a biscuit dough enriched with ground almonds, butter and egg white. They come in four flavours including lemon, pistachio, vanilla and cocoa.

Bridor was first established in France in 1988 and now employs 2500 employees and operates in 10 production sites worldwide.

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