Bridor taps into consumers’ cheese cravings

French bakery manufacturer Bridor has launched a new cheese-based puff pastry snack, to add to its growing gourmet, ready-to-bake savoury collection. The 90g Cheese Finger is a new, savoury treat aimed at the out-of-home sector as a snack or meal accompaniment.

Rising demand for convenience, protein-rich snacks and diversity in flavours is helping to propel the growth of the cheese snacks market across Europe. They have fast become a consumer favourite, as 62% of consumers state that cheese flavours add excitement to savoury snacks.

Globally, over three quarters (77%) of consumers say they enjoy the taste of cheese, with 22% favouring it for its versatility. In the UK, it is reported that 35% of UK adult consumers eat cheese two to three times a week, with Europe leading the way.

Bridor’s new Cheese Finger features butter, golden puff pastry, a creamy cheese filling and a topping of grated Emmental to create a delicious and crispy texture. Available in quantities of 60 pieces, the ready-to-bake format takes 16-17 minutes in the oven at 165-170°C.

Bridor was established in France in 1988, the home of bakery and bread, and boasts a long-standing heritage and expertise, which was a talking point for Mickaël LE JOSSEC, CEO of Bridor, who featured as our Big Interview in the September/October issue of International Bakery.

French patisserie is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years and many of the long-standing products, such as macarons are now cemented in western culture as staple foods,” he said, adding: “There have, of course, been changes over the last 10 years to ensure that French pastries remain an on-trend product that our customers rely on.”

Known for ongoing innovation, the company draws inspiration from the latest global trends to deliver new and exciting products that appeal to an international audience.

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