Bridor’s new pastries embrace new folding technique

French bakery manufacturer Bridor has unveiled a selection of frozen ready-to-prove (RTP) pastries suited for artisan bakers. The new ARTY Viennese pastries represent three years of research and development to introduce this industrial bakery tool.

The new products, which include the 75g ARTY Croissant and 80g ARTY Pain au Chocolat, form part off the company’s Éclat du Terroir range. Inspired by art and craftsmanship, the crescent of the ARTY Croissant shows finely layered laminations, while the folding technique results in the new flaky and structural Pain au Chocolat – which, according to Bridor, marks a first in the world of industrial baking.

The new products launch as the company identified many bakers produce pyramid shaped croissants and pain au chocolat with clear and visible pastry sheets.

Sitting in the Éclat du Terroir range, the 75g ARTY Croissant has a distinctive size and pyramid-shaped design and is made using a triangular-shaped dough that undergoes slow, loose rolling inspired by traditional hand-shaping techniques, creating its unique shape.

With a unique aromatic complexity, the croissant comprises of a thin, delicate yet layered puff pastry with a silky-smooth crumb on the inside. Made from quality raw materials, such as wheat grown in France, butter and barn eggs, the recipe boasts a buttery flavour complemented by caramel notes.

The ARTY Pain au Chocolat, also new to the range, is characterised by its delicate lamination and an indulgent recipe; it contains 20% extra chocolate compared with the original product in the range. The pastry has a short yet wide shape with a flaky appearance, which is achieved through special folding techniques and allows for an even distribution of the chocolate filling.

Bridor’s R&D department is led by a team of 50 experts delivering approximately 150 products each year. To demonstrate the ARTY Viennese pastries’ potential impact on the industry, the company conducted a survey among French artisan bakers. The results of the survey were a 50% intention to buy rate among artisan bakers who buy frozen products, with a further 27% of artisan bakers, who don’t currently buy frozen products say the range is something they would be willing to buy.

“Bridor’s commitment to creating innovative products that resonate with both consumers and professionals is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to introduce the ARTY Viennese Pastries to the Éclat du Terroir range as they not only reflect our passion for the art of baking, but also showcases our dedication to pushing the boundaries of frozen bakery,” explained Erwan Inizan, UK Sales Director at Bridor. “Created especially for artisan bakers using new, world-first production methods, the ARTY Croissant and Pain au Chocolat are the perfect embodiment of our commitment to delivering exceptional taste and visual experiences.”

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