Bunge launches plant-based butter alternative

Bunge has announced the launch of Beleaf™ PlantBetter, a plant-based alternative designed to meet the growing demand for quality tasting and sustainable dairy butter replacements.

Bunge’s Beleaf PlantBetter has been released in response to growing demand for dairy alternatives in bakery to help food manufacturers and bakers looking for plant-based alternatives that match the sensory qualities and versatile functionality of traditional dairy better and can be integrated into their current production process.

To achieve precise aeration, volume and the taste required for bakery products such as croissants and cakes can be challenging for a lot of butter substitutes.

Beleaf PlantBetter is a game-changing innovation developed by Bunge that brings together the sustainability attributes of plant-based with the uncompromising sensory and performance of dairy butter—all while delivering a lower cost-in-use compared to butter,” explained Aaron Buettner, President Food Solutions at Bunge.

According to Bunge, Beleaf PlantBetter captures the aroma, taste and texture of traditional butter and is a blend of coconut, cocoa butter, rapeseed and lecithins – ingredients chosen for their functionality, but also, the company said, because they are easily recognisable by consumers wanting more transparency from their products.

It has been designed with the same melting characteristics as dairy fat and is designed for bakery applications, with future plans to extend to other dairy and confectionery applications.

Verified through a third-party study conducted by the Terra institute, Bunge has said its dairy alternative reduces carbon emissions by 50% compared with standard dairy butter and is a sustainable choice.

The company’s commitment to consumer adoption and growing the Beleaf product portfolio was demonstrated by the launch of its retail version, Elepant, earlier this year in Europe.

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