Bunge’s soybean traceability program

Agribusiness Bunge has announced that it has achieved 80% traceability and monitoring of soybeans from its indirect supply chain in the Brazilian Cerrado. The large-scale initiative to track indirect purchases in the area is part of the company’s Sustainable Partnership Program and underscores its consistent performance in developing sustainable and responsibly supply chains, particularly in areas at higher risk of deforestation in Brazil.

Launched in 2021, Bunge’s Sustainable Partnership Program was designed to help grain resellers assess their suppliers’ social-environmental performance. Through the program, it shares its experience, methodologies and tools with grain resellers to enable them to bring to market commodities of proven sustainable origin. The program also offers access to verification systems, such as satellite and farm-scale images to advance traceability and monitoring.

“The program reaffirms Bunge’s active role in engaging and positively influencing the entire supply chain in Brazil and remains an important instrument in helping the company achieve its goal of deforestation-free chains in 2025,” said Pamela Moreira, Sustainability Senior Manager for South America at Bunge. “Since 2018, Bunge has been able to fully trace back to third-party elevators, so the next step was to expand our focus to soybeans acquired through our indirect supply chain in the Brazilian Cerrado. The strategy has led to positive results and strong adoption among grain resellers.”

To further strengthen the program, Bunge is enhancing its partnership with Vega Monitoramento, an agtech company which uses a LYRA platform for remote sensing, artificial intelligence and structure data to perform socio-environmental diagnosis of agricultural properties.

Developed by Vega Monitoramento, the LYRA platform is available through an exclusive web interface developed with Bunge. Resellers and cooperatives can access the tool directly without involvement from Bunge and with security endorsed by ISO 27001 certification.

“Investing in digital solutions is part of Bunge’s strategy to expand the scale of its initiatives and positively impact the agribusiness sector,” commented Braian Souto, Senior Manager of Global Digital Office at Bunge. “We have a culture of continuous improvement and believe in collaboration, sharing practices, technology and information with our value chains to act faster, simpler and more efficiently.”

Resellers and cooperatives participating in the program get full support from Bunge’s business team in addition to complete technical support from Vega.

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