Burgen launches new loaves in Sprouted Grains range


Burgen has announced the launch of two new loaves in its Sprouted Grains range – Soya & Linseed and Oat & Quinoa. The new varieties will be sold in sustainably sourced recyclable packaging, an ‘environment-first’ move away from the standard plastic bread bag. Bursting with seeds and grains, the 575g loaves will be initially available in Sainsbury’s, Nisa and Ocado.

The launch of the new loaves is a response to the current and continuing consumer demand for plant-based options that are positive choices for the environment, offer added health benefits whilst ensuring there is no compromise on taste.

Burgen’s Sprouted Grains range offers a source of fibre, protein, vitamins B12 and D and represents a great choice for the health-conscious consumer. The loaves are baked with one quarter sprouted wholegrain flour. When a grain sprouts, changes take place that impact how the grain behaves when milled and used as a flour. These changes can also help make the grains attractive to a healthy-eating crowd.

Peda Alabi, Brand Owner, Burgen said: “Our delicious new Burgen Sprouted Grain loaves are designed to deliver in response to the demand for healthier bread that’s good for you and better for the planet. These new loaves offer sprouted grains, recycle at home paper packaging and a 575g loaf to minimise food waste, allowing consumers to make bread a positive choice one loaf at a time.”


Image credit: Burgen
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