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Launch of Series Depositors

Unifiller Systems, a subsidiary of the Linxis Group, has announced the launch of the +Series Depositors, its line of digitally controlled pneumatic depositors. The +Series Depositors contain a range of features such as pre-charge, splash reduction and deposit pressure profiling. Compared with Unifiller’s original depositors, the +Series can handle more complex applications including ones that …

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Hostess Bouncers launch

With the new launch of Hostess Bouncers, Hostess Brands is providing customers with a new way to experience its well-known snacks – Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Donettes – with bite-sized snack cakes containing creamy fillings. “Consumers increasingly are looking for snackable, poppable, shareable treats that offer a sweet reward without the mess, and that’s exactly …

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Nighttime snacking options extended

Nightfood Holdings, a company advocating for sleep-friendly nighttime snacking has announced that the first commercial production run of Nightfood cookies has been completed. Sleep-friendly ice cream entered national hotel distribution in May 2022, through a relationship with one of the companies in global hospitality. The snack brand has since secured distribution in select properties across …

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