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Cookies. One of the most recognisable and iconic sweet treats in the industry. With its known soft and chewy texture, it’s no wonder that it has enticed consumers for many years. The word cookie itself derives from the Dutch word “Koekje” which directly translates to little cake, which explains why its flavour and texture is so distinct. Lorraine Kelly, category manager at Synergy Flavours comments on cookies by stating, “most cookies are made using animal-derived products such as milk, butter, and eggs, all of which contribute to their rich and indulgent flavour and texture.” Cookies differentiate from a normal biscuit for many reasons. Firstly, much like a cake, cookies are made from a thicker and softer dough than regular biscuits, and once baked they appear to be softer, larger, and chunkier. Adding to this, there are more ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts and almonds that can be added to cookies that allow the image, taste, and consistency of the product to completely change.  This means that there is a greater range of cookies, from different flavours and ingredients, available on the market amplifying its success within the market. But how integral is the cookie industry in the biscuit sector? 

Before that can be discussed, its necessary to uncover what the biscuit sector actually is? The biscuit sector is a fundamental and vital part of the baking industry. As the name states, it involves the manufacturing of biscuits and other dry bakery products. It can also include other baked goods such as pastries too. So, as you can see, this sector is very large with many products involved in this industries success. Furthermore, bread and biscuits contribute to 80% of the total bakery products sold in India alone, cementing the biscuit industries relevance and significance in allowing the bakery industry to function. But where do cookies fit in with all this? Unsurprisingly, cookies are probably one of the main drivers of growth and profit in the biscuit industry. With industry insights highlighting that, “the global cookies market size was valued at USD 30.62 billion in 2018,” and with an estimate 7% growth recorded in 2020, evidence shows that cookies are seemingly becoming more and more popular, and are increasingly in high demand.  

The main industries that are thriving off the success of cookies is industries like Mondalez International, who in April 2020, saw a massive increase in cookie sales, and other companies such as Kellogg Company and the Campbell Soup company acquire millions on cookie sales alone. This means that potentially more companies will begin to focus more on innovating cookie recipes and production in order to match the competitive nature of the sector and reach consumer pressures. This process is already underway as research shows that 7,000 new product launches in the cookie market went underway in America alone last year.  

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