Cybake bakery software integrated with Square

Cybake bakery software can now be fully integrated with the popular Square electronic point of sale system. Both systems share date on POS systems running Square. This lets Cybake take the sales information it needs from Square POS without any need for human intervention. Cybake can then automate shop orders to maximise sales and reduce waste at the same time as providing production sheets required to fulfil them.

Over half of the retail bakers that use Cybake’s software use its sales-based ordering capability as the orders it makes are more accurate than shop managers, head office can set waste levels easily and hours of calculation are saved in stores and bakeries.

Businesses internationally use Square to reach their buyers online and in person, manage their business and access financing. Cybake bakery software is used by retail bakers throughout Australia, the UK and US to automate, organise and analyse their operations.

“Cybake supports bakery businesses on order management, invoicing, deliveries and inventory, while Square offers in-person, in-app and online payments and adds even more functionalities such as loyalty, marketing tools, ecommerce and also powers orders, invoicing and delivery management,” explained Ginevra Mambretti, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square. “Food businesses and bakeries are a sector that has always been top of mind at Square and we hope users of both products will appreciate how these systems can seamlessly work together and simplify the day-to-day management of a busy shop.”

“Pretty much from its launch, we liked Square’s smooth design and could see straight away how it would fit well with retail bakeries. It was only a matter of time before we would have customers that used both Cybake and Square, so you could say this integration was almost written in the stars,” added Jane Tyler Founder of Cybake.

One such customer is the Sprinkles Donut shop chain, headquartered in Georgetown Township, Ottawa Country, Michigan, which operates six stores.

“Before, we had no idea of what was being thrown out. We only keep our product for one day. The bakers are in the night before, then that day we sell. If there’s anything left, we will donate it or toss it, if there’s a huge amount. With Cybake and Square, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of waste,” said Kathy Ryan, Chief Financial Officer, Sprinkles Donut Shop.

“It’s helped us because we’ve become more aware of our product and more aware of our production levels. Also, I think it just gives us this knowledge so we can move forward,” she added. “We have a new central kitchen that we’re moving to next week that will allow us to produce 1.4 million donuts per month. So, we have two more stores we’re getting ready to open, that will take us to eight stores. Cybake and Square came at the perfect time for us.”

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