Délifrance launches latest bread report

Retailers and operators have an opportunity to tap into the UK£1.2 billion rise in the UK bread market over the next two years, according to the latest report from bakery supplier Délifrance.

Published this month, the Prove It: Breaking Bread report predicts that this market will grow by 15% to reach a value of £9 billion by 2026.

The report says businesses have a huge opportunity to take a slice of this growth by embracing evolving trends in the bread category such as demand for specialty and world breads; products using clean label and regeneratively farmed ingredients; bread that offers health benefits or caters to specialist diets; the impact of smaller bakeries on the wider market and consumers’ response to the cost-of-living crisis.

These trends and many more are examined in the report which has been compiled following a survey of 1000 UK adults who regularly eat bread and offers insights into bread consumers’ behaviour in and out of home.

The report also makes use of the company’s internal market estimates and insights, external market data and experience and views of Harris & Hayes, a UK-based food consultant and future forecaster.

“Our latest Prove It report looks at the trends shaping the category, from the continued growth of sourdough to the opportunities offered by breads from across the globe,” said Stéphanie Brillouet, Marketing Director, Délifrance. “We also take a deep dive into consumer attitudes to bread and examine what drives purchasing decisions, how consumption differs in and out of home, and the impact of consumers’ environmental and economic concerns.”

Among the findings of the report include how well bread is weathering the economic crisis. As bread is seen as offering excellent value for money, more than a quarter of consumers cite a drop in their household budget as a reason for increasing their in-home consumption of bread.

Despite the pressure on consumer spending, quality remains key. More than a half of consumers (52%) say they choose where to buy bread from based on the quality of products sold and these consumers are most likely to shop at independent bakeries and supermarket ISBs.

“It’s an exciting time for the bakery category,” said Harris & Hayes. “Shoppers are responding well to innovation, with regional specialties, snacking and occasion-led bakery representing a significant growth opportunity. Retailers and operators will benefit from offering considered ranges that cater to a plethora of differing needs and budgets.”

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