Délifrance reveals sandwich dos and don’ts

Baked goods manufacturer, Délifrance, has revealed the UK’s top five sandwich carriers and fillings as well as its top tips on how to craft the perfect sandwich, to help out-of-home operators prepare for British Sandwich Week (16-22 May).

Organised by the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association, British Sandwich Week offers a prime opportunity for bakeries, restaurants, bars, sandwich shops and café’s to drive footfall by delivering high-quality products that resonate with consumers.

As revealed in Délifrance’s new bread report, ‘Prove It: Breaking Bread’, in the out-of-home (OOH) market, 64% of the bread eaten at breakfast time are bought sandwiches, a figure that rises to 78% when it comes to lunchtime1. Consumer preferences differ between both mealtime occasions. At breakfast time, 81% of consumers like hot sandwiches and 19% prefer them chilled or ambient; compared to lunchtime where 71% like hot sandwiches and 29% prefer them chilled or ambient.

The UK’s top five sandwich carriers:
1. Baguettes
2. Italian-style breads i.e. panini, ciabatta, focaccia
3. Soft roll or bap
4. Crusty roll
5. Sliced bloomer

In the fillings department, simplicity and a strong appreciation for the classics prevail with cheese, chicken, BLT, ham and egg revealed as the UK’s top five picks.

Top tips on how to craft the perfect sandwich:

1. Choose the best carrier that complements your ingredients and caters to how consumers prefer to enjoy their sandwiches.
2. Use quality, versatile ingredients that can be shared across different recipes, helping to reduce costs and minimise waste.
3. Think flavour, texture, and colour to elevate your sandwich – i.e. add a burst of flavour, a delightful textural contrast such as something that adds a bit of crunch, and a splash of colour.
4. Think about your pairings to consider “what works well with what” and ensure you tantalise the taste buds!
5. Unleash your creativity and don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative – the perfect sandwich is a canvas for culinary innovation.

Stéphanie Brillouet, marketing director at Délifrance says: “With a history dating back to the 18th century, the noble sandwich has evolved to suit various tastes and occasions. They are much-loved too, with more than three million sandwiches purchased each year in the UK alone2. Therefore, we wanted to share up-to-the-minute trends, insight and advice on all things sandwiches, to help wholesalers and operators prepare for British Sandwich Week. We hope our new research offers plenty of inspiration, and we look forward to working with our customers as they get ready to offer a wide range of delicious sandwiches during the week-long celebrations.”

Délifrance recently unveiled its newest bread range, PanItaly, following a strong increase in demand for specialty Italian food and drink products. The extensive range of products, including firm favourites panini, ciabatta and focaccia, are now available to help out-of-home operators offer a varied range of premium sandwich carriers. PanItaly is made in Italy using traditional processes such as the biga fermentation technique*, ensuring each product delivers exceptional flavour and authentic taste.

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