Döhler at FiE 2019 – Turning the best out of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence

In line with the company motto “Turning the best out of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence”, Döhler presented natural ingredients and ingredient systems for innovative food and beverages at Food ingredients Europe in Paris on December 3-5. Döhler’s comprehensive portfolio reflects the topics of naturalness, plant-based nutrition, Nutritional Excellence and Multi-Sensory Experiences.

Whether vegetable purees, nut & seed pastes or botanical extracts – the focus is on natural ingredients and ingredient systems that provide healthy added value thanks to their purely plant-based raw materials. Visitors gained inspiration for their next successful product at Döhler’s stand!

Natural Ingredients for perfect Multi-Sensory Experiences
Bright colours, optimal texture, outstanding taste – the perfect multi-sensory product experience is the main focus of every new development at Döhler. At FiE 2019, the company presented a wide variety of innovative product concepts and natural ingredients that create unique Multi-Sensory Experiences.

Create unique moments of indulgence – with Natural Taste Solutions from Döhler!
More and more consumers are on the lookout for innovative products in unusual flavours – Döhler’s natural taste solutions give food and beverages an authentic taste that is perfectly matched to each individual application. Döhler presented its portfolio of natural flavours at FiE, ranging from fruity infusions to tart distillates or organic natural extracts.

The company also offers natural and authentic taste sensations with its high-quality herb, spice and blossom infusions, which are developed using gentle brewing technology. These add a pleasantly flowery or spicy herbal note to a multitude of beverage applications, such as lemonades, teas, juices or alcoholic beverages.

Modern consumers demand that their food and beverages contain less sugar while still having a full taste. Döhler’s comprehensive portfolio of innovative sweetening solutions is enhanced through an array of MultiSense Flavours, which help to enable a significant reduction in sugar without using any sweeteners. Furthermore, MultiSense Flavours are ideal for improving the taste and mouthfeel of products with reduced sugar.

Vibrant colours thanks to Natural Colour SolutionsIn order to demonstrate that products can also impress through their appealing visual appearance alongside their taste, Döhler presented its wide range of natural colours that are tailored to the various applications of the food and beverage industry. To this end, the company showcased its colouring malt extract, among other solutions. The clean label malt concentrate can, for example, be used as an alternative to caramel colouring and is characterised by a particularly neutral taste and high colour stability. The brown colour is ideally suited for all product categories, whether alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, baked goods and confectionery or dairy products. Further natural colours, such as bright red derived from beetroot or a radiant yellow from safflower, give various foods and beverages an authentic colour – turning every product into a real visual highlight!

At FiE, Döhler also presented its coating systems for creating the perfect glazed look. The portfolio includes polishes and glazes that give sugar dragées natural colours and a radiant appearance, as well as polishes and sealing agents for chocolates for a delicious and indulgent experience. These can also be combined with the wide range of natural flavours to create an excellent taste sensation. In addition, the company exhibited anti-sticking agents for fruit gums based on natural waxes and for extruded liquorice products, which prevent the confectionery from sticking together.

Plant-based Ingredients for every taste
Plant-based, natural, healthy added value and pure indulgence – these are the demands of modern consumers. In order to provide these different and innovative taste directions, Döhler offers a large number of plant-based ingredients. These include applications based on almonds with mild and velvety textures, those with a creamy coconut base, and mildly sweet products based on rice or oats.

Nut pastes and coconut creams made from 100% natural plant-based sources, plant-based proteins and protein mixtures, which impress with their optimised nutritional value and an enhanced taste profile, are new additions to the comprehensive portfolio of plant-based ingredients. Moreover, the new protein solutions contain a natural starch content for a high natural functionality.

All natural ingredients have their own individual flavour notes and create new and intensive taste sensations – on their own or in combination with other ingredients. The large portfolio of plant-based ingredients is the ideal foundation for developing numerous purely plant-based foods and beverages – such as the innovative plant-based drinks based on almond, coconut or oats presented by the company at FiE.

High-quality Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients
Natural and authentic taste are characteristics that modern consumers expect today. The natural Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients from Döhler bring the pure, fresh taste of nature into food and beverages and also ensure a creamy or chunky texture and bright colours. The company’s versatile Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients provide solutions for food and beverage concepts with clean label and high nutrition features. This includes new items, such as apple fibres, unique tropical NFC juices and vegetable purees.

Naturally healthy – with Integrated Health Solutions
Whether for health reasons or due to personal conviction: An increasing number of people are buying plant-based foods that support their healthy and conscious lifestyle. Thanks to its health benefits, acerola is a consumer favourite: the trend ingredient’s high vitamin C content in particular makes it a real superfruit. The special thing about it is that vitamin C from acerola does not bear an E number and is extracted in a natural way. Döhler presented several forms of acerola at this year’s FiE, for example as an extract or in powder form.

The trend towards naturalness, functionality and extraordinary product appearances has also made its way to the confectionery industry. To meet the growing consumer demand, Döhler has developed a wide range of fruit gums with valuable ingredients, such as proteins or botanical extracts which provide a healthy additional benefit. Enriched with pure juice concentrate or purée, they also offer an extra-fruity taste profile. A new range of hard-boiled candies also impresses thanks to their fruity blood orange taste.

Dry Ingredients – The best of nature in dried form
At FiE 2019, Döhler also showcased its comprehensive portfolio of dried fruit and vegetable ingredients. Particularly gentle drying technologies enable a diverse range of products made from high-quality and carefully selected fruit and vegetable varieties. Whether slices, pieces, fruit and vegetable granulates, powders or whole fruits – the gentle drying process preserves the natural colour, appearance and structure of the raw materials to the greatest possible extent. The natural dry ingredients can be used in a diverse range of products, providing cereals, cereal bars and baked goods with an especially crispy note and a unique, natural taste.

In line with the company slogan “We bring ideas to life.”, Döhler presented a wide range of innovations for the food and beverage industry at its stand. As a provider of complete ingredient systems and integrated solutions, the company develops customised complete solutions, processes and innovations for its customers – from the field to the supermarket shelves.

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