Food waste estimator raises awareness

Nutrition company Kerry has launched its Food Waste Estimator, a “unique tool” to raise awareness of food loss and waste, asking for collective action in tackling food security. The tool was launched to mark the UN International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste Reduction, to allow consumers and manufacturers to understand the financial and environmental impact of reducing food waste.

Currently, predictions by the UN set a third of all food as being wasted – combining efforts of consumers and manufacturers to reduce food waste can have a significant imapct in creating a more sustainable food supply chain. Kerry’s Food Waste Estimator is designed to inform users about the impact reducing food waste can have, as well as providing information on the the number of additional people that could be fed from it and the amount of CO2 that would be reduced.

The estimator also allows food manufacturers to determine the impact they can have in reducing global food waste by using shelf life extension technology. Research into this has shown 50% of consumer waste could be prevented using these technologies.

“Today is a reminder of the precarious global situation of food security. We all need to act and as an industry we must take immediate action in eradicating food waste within the food system through new technology and innovating together,” explained Bert de Vegt, Global VP for Food Protection & Preservation at Kerry.

The company reports that shelf life protection and extension is the most actionable method in both managing food waste in the home and throughout the supply chains. It has created plant-based curing agents and nitrite-free solutions for listeria inhibition and vinegar-based solutions for clean taste in low pH bread applications, all of which have extended the shelf life of over 34.5 billion loaves of bread globally.

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