FRITSCH give charitable donation for children cancer ward

FRITSCH give charitable donation for children cancer ward

Baking machine manufacturer, FRITSCH, has donated to a children’s cancer ward and due to FRITSCH personnel it was possible to collect more than EUR 1.500. Both managing directors Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel increased the amount to EUR 2.500.

In our “World of Bakery” the money was handed over to Monika Demmich, Chairman of the “Station Regenbogen e. V.”, Würzburg. The 1984 founded registered association supports the children cancer ward and their mission is to help the families with their hard way through the disease.

The donation will also be used for maintaining the 14 rented facilities in Würzburg. There the family members have the possibility to stay during the treatment of their children. On top of that the charity takes care of the costs for the hospital clowns and the music therapists. Even for the Christmas time donations are gladly being used for handicraft work materials.

FRITSCH – for decades, this name has been synonymous in the world of baking engineering and technology with high-quality, efficient lines and pioneering innovation within the sector of dough sheeting and processing. FRITSCH’s machines are used worldwide to produce premium bakery products. The headquarters of the company founded in 1926 are located in the Lower Franconian town of Markt Einersheim. Since its foundation, FRITSCH has become the biggest German manufacturer of bakery machines through sheer innovative power and entrepreneurial spirit. In the meantime, about 500 employees are now working hard to ensure the success of the company.

From artisan bakeries to industrial-sized bakeries. Irrespective of whether companies require sheeting machines, components or complete lines. FRITSCH offers efficient and technologically sophisticated solutions in all areas. The company stands out from its competitors due to its creative engineering and unconventional solutions. Further success factors are the premium quality of its machines, its expertise and employee-oriented company culture. As a company with its eye on the future, FRITSCH relies heavily on research and development. The medium-sized company holds the rights to multiple patents, and it has its own technology centre for customers and for research purposes. Here, different combinations of FRITSCH lines are tested and new products or recipes are developed together with customers from all over the world.

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