From design to operation with CAMA Group


Webinar series: Digitilsation from design to operation creates best-in-class solutions

CAMA Group is an international company that specialises in the engineering and production of complete high technology secondary packaging systems for major multinational groups both in the food and non-food markets.

CAMA is presenting two webinars as part of a series on digitilsation in the packaging sector. The webinars will have an itinerary with in-depth discussions from leading members of the company. It is an opportunity to delve further into digitilsation, get a further insight into CAMA Group’s new machines, as well as getting to know the company and understand their core values.

Digitilsation and Digital Twin

From initial design, through simulation and testing and onto optimum in-field operation, Cama Group’s new machines will help deliver better, faster, more focussed packaging solutions, while enabling customers to increase throughput, shorten time to market, slash downtime and quickly and easily undertake format change. These new digital technologies will enable us to truly exploit Industry 4.0 capabilities, to create added value at every stage of our machines’ life cycle.

The company will illustrate these capabilities during this webinar with a delta-robot-equipped loading unit, running – in real-time – alongside its own digital twin. This will highlight how product flows can be simulated and then integrated into other upstream machines, also running in a virtual environment.


03:00 – 03:15 PM IG 12 Triaflex Multi-Delta Robot Loading Unit – features and industry application usages integrated with Industry 4.0 technology

Alessandro Rocca – Engineering Sales Director

03:15 – 03:30 PM Evolution of simulation technologies in Cama Engineering: how the Digital Twin brings benefits throughout the machine lifecycle

Matteo Roncaglioni – Software Engineering Manager

03:30 – 03:45 PM IG 12 Triaflex Multi-Delta Robot Loading Unit – Digital Twin use case; results and benefits

Massimo Monguzzi – R&D Manager

03:45 – 04:00 PM Q&A

How Augmented Reality (AR) is used for both changeover routines and maintenance operations

CAMA will demonstrate how augmented reality removes the need for line operators to have intimate knowledge of the machines. Instead, clear, easy-to-understand overlaid 3D renders will allow them to perform even the most complex task quickly and easily. Cama’s AR solution is also vital for training, giving operators a concise and realistic experience of the machine before it has even left the Cama factory.

The AR demo that we will run in this webinar will be focussed on: a mini Wrap FW, an extremely compact case and tray wrapper for shelf-ready packaging, how Augmented Reality (AR) is used for both changeover routines and maintenance operations.

virtual experience


03:00 – 03:15 PM Introduction on the new mini compact wrap machine FW: features and benefits

Alessandro Rocca – Engineering Sales Director

03:15 – 03:40 PM How AR can support explaining fast and precise change over functionality and maintenance & training operations

Massimo Monguzzi – R&D Manager

03:40 – 04:00 PM Q&A

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