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Donuts time to shine in Europe 

Dawn Foods provides a brief rundown of the different types of donuts and examines the additional opportunities that glazes provides  


The donut, historically a typical American treat, has experienced an impressive growth and rise in popularity across Europe in recent years. This growth has not gone unnoticed with donut chains and independent donut shops popping up across Europe looking to serve customers with their tasty donut treats. In other words, the future of the donut in Europe shines brightly! 

Donut consumption in Europe is taking on a different storyline when compared with the US. While Americans typically eat donuts as a breakfast-item, in Europe donuts are considered more as something to go with a coffee-break, or as a sweet treat or snack on-the-go. This creates multiple eating occasions for donut producers to target. 

Top that with the endless creative possibilities that allow bakers and donut manufacturers to answer to lots of different flavour profiles and trends and you will understand there is a huge opportunity to innovate in this category: different shapes, variants, with exciting or more traditional flavour combinations, simply glazed or decorated into little pieces of art. You name it. A donut can be so much more than just a donut! 


Yeast Raised vs Cake Donuts 

The yeast raised donut is the more familiar type donut we are seeing across Europe. Like the name is suggesting, yeast is the crucial ingredient to create the fluffy, airy texture of a freshly fried donut. The dough needs to be fermented, sheeted, cut and proofed before frying.  


Cake donuts on the other hand, are more cakey when it comes to the texture, due to the use of baking powder instead of yeast. This type of donut is less common in Europe, but growing in popularity as well. Reason why? The production process is less time consuming with shorter mixing time, no proofing and the batter is deposited easily. More interestingly it offers the possibility to be creative with flavouring and colouring the dough! Which is not possible with yeast raised donuts.  



Based on the rising popularity of sourdough and consumers seeking new eating experiences, the Sourdoughnut is the latest addition to the donut category. A mashup that combines everything consumers love about sourdough bread and yeast-raised donuts! 


Tailoring to different needs 

Depending on your production process there is a mix or concentrate that works best for you. From only adding water and yeast to mixes and adding water, yeast and a flour, to concentrates. 


Today’s consumers are becoming more interested in their own health and the health of the planet, with the donut category evolving in this area too. Innovation in this space includes mixes that are absorbing less fat when the dough is fried, vegan options, extended shelf life properties that help reduce food waste and cleaner label variants, with less E-numbers. Anything to help you meet the growing consumer demand for donuts. 


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