Grupo Bimbo CEO highlights sustainability progress

Daniel Servitje, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Grupo Bimbo highlighted the company’s progress towards sustainability centered around three pillars: For You, For Life and For Nature.

“Although it is a work in progress, there is much to do. The model we want to follow is to become a company oriented to regeneration,” Daniel said.

He pointed out that at Grupo Bimbo, decisions are based on the company’s golden rule: respect, justice, trust, and affection. This “impels us to make decisions harmonising our three priorities: being highly productive and highly humane in a context of sustainability.

“Companies are now required to have a clearer position on social, environmental, and governance issues. Climate change is a clear accelerator, at least for the food industry, because the effects of climate change greatly compromise our value chain.”

Some changes had been made to the business’ For You pillar, aimed at reimagining products and recipes. Servitje highlighted that 97% of its product portfolio has reached established goal of sugars, sodiums and saturated fats; 98% is free of artificial colours and flavours.

In the For Life pillar, Servitje emphasised that efforts have been boosted, in addition to the goal for 2030, that each workplace have at least one social impact project. As an example, he noted that last year, there were 230 active projects, all generating a positive impact on people close to Grupo Bimbo workplaces.

Grupo Bimbo has also made achievements towards sustainability as 96% of packaging is recyclable and 92.5% of treated water reuse has been achieved in its operations and 85% of renewable electricity is used globally.

In terms of regenerative agriculture, Servitje said that the US and Mexico are already farming 86,000 hectares using this method, and that there are already more than 500 producers in Mexico planting sustainable crops.

“Our company’s strategy includes sustainability to achieve its goals. Nothing is possible unless we have a strong leadership structure that forces us to turn ideals into practice,” he concluded. “This is a dream because there is still a lot to do to become a sustainable company by design.”

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