HERZA Schokolade brings new developments to BIOFACH

With around 20 new organic chocolate creations, HERZA Schokolade is bringing a whole new excitement to muesli, snack mixes and ice cream. In addition to the three trend varieties caramel, cheesecake and coffee, this specialist in small chocolate pieces also has special highlights like protein-rich chocolate leaves, fruity dark chocolate chips with raspberry, and chunks with hemp seeds. At this year’s BIOFACH in Nürnberg visitors to the HERZA booth 9-231 can let themselves be inspired by all the varieties.

Caramel in many facets

Caramel is one of today’s top flavours in many product categories. HERZA is addressing this trend with its new organic caramel product range. This includes Simply Caramel leaves of organic milk chocolate with creamy-milky caramel flavour, and Toffee Crunch milk chocolate chunks with coconut sugar and crunchy organic caramel pieces. The high cocoa butter content gives both a very creamy mouth feel. For an exciting contrast there are the flat Salty Caramel cubes of white caramel chocolate with sea salt.

Trendsetting cheesecake

Whether in cake, pralines, yogurt, ice cream or cereals, cheesecake flavour is featured in more and more categories. HERZA’s new white chocolate organic cheesecake range can be used for attractive new product ideas. For example, the Simply Cheesecake leaves with yogurt and lemon oil provide fresh, fruity indulgence. The Strawberry Cheesecake double leaves are a visual and flavour highlight. They consist of two different layers of white chocolate, one refined with yogurt and lemon oil, the other with yogurt and strawberry powder. Wild blueberry pieces give the third new variety a striking purple colour – the irregular Blueberry Cheesecake pieces with their special handmade character.

Coffee shop specialities as chocolate pieces

Coffee and chocolate are the perfect combination, and so HERZA is presenting favourite coffee shop classics in a new line of organic chocolate pieces. The Café Latte white and dark chocolate marbled squares contain mocha powder for a pleasantly milky coffee flavour. The Latte Macchiato double chips feature organic mocha chocolate covered in white chocolate, for an unusual two-colour look. The new Caramel Macchiato double leaves are inspired by the coffee drink of the same name, but instead of frothed milk they have a layer of white caramel chocolate on dark mocha chocolate. The Frappé erythritol chocolate chunks with organic mocha paste offer sugar-reduced enjoyment. The erythritol sweetener gives these white chocolate pieces a cooling effect, almost like ice coffee. The Espresso chopped organic dark milk chocolate bits, by contrast, feature 70% cocoa content for a robust note, and are enriched with crunchy chopped coffee beans for a special flavour experience.

Organic chocolate standouts

Among the standouts of the new lineup are HERZA’s organic chocolate leaves enriched with at least 20% organic milk protein, which are ideal for giving fitness mueslis or snacks attractive added value. There are also irregular chopped organic semisweet 70% cocoa chocolate chips with brisk organic raspberry pieces that are a great fit for exclusive product ideas. The 65% cocoa semisweet chunks with 10% hemp seeds are naturally organic and naturally a real trendsetter. Sweetened with coconut sugar, they’re perfect for leading-edge snack products. At BIOFACH, visitors can learn more about these and other new organic chocolate pieces at HERZA’s booth 9-231.

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