HFSS compliant flapjack range

As suppliers of flapjacks, cookies and muffins to the UK retail industry, Food Connections have noted the advancement of HFSS legislation and the restrictions this places on foods high in fat, salt and sugar.

Several products have been affected by the introduction of the legislation both in terms of their in-store location and the way in which their marketing communications are affected. The legislation is twofold: as of the 1 October 2022 HFSS products are restricted by location, which means they cannot be sold in areas identified as impulse purchases (where consumers are more inclined to purchase products) such as by the tills, and what comes into force on 1 October 2023, which will be the restriction of HFSS products by volume price.

Food Connections’ own flapjacks have undergone a transformation, as the company releases a new flapjack range to meet all HFSS guidelines.

The company has said it has embraced HFSS legislation with the development of their flapjack range. With lower levels of fat, saturated fat and sugar, the slow release oaty flapjacks are made from scratch. From chocolate chip, strawberry jam, sultana and cherry to chocolate caramel and oaty, the new 80g Food Connections flapjack range meets this legislation while delivering a great-tasting and health-conscious snack.

“Embracing HFSS legislation with our flapjack range will undoubtedly help the brand, and our retail partners in terms of locations where they can display the product,” explained Gary Mason, Commercial Director, Food Connections. “We’re sure it will enhance the relationship with our current customers, but also give non users of the product, an incentive to try out our delicious flapjacks. There’s certainly something in this flapjack range from which everyone can benefit.”

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