I.T.S Acquires New Facility

I.T.S, an innovator in the flavour industry, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a new facility, set to further enhance its development and manufacturing capabilities. Positioned close to its current premises in Newbury, Berkshire, this expansion comes as part of a strategic initiative to accommodate rapid business growth and to meet the increasing demand for its natural flavourings in the food and beverage sectors.

The newly acquired site features a modern innovation centre and customer product development areas, complete with new flavour creation laboratories, flavour sample bays, and dedicated application spaces tailored for bakery, dairy, beverage, and confectionery industries. Furthermore, the popular I.T.S microbrewery and bar, renowned for hosting successful beer flavour tastings, will receive a facelift and relocate to the new premises.

“This expansion marks a significant milestone in our journey,” said Mike Bagshaw, Founder of I.T.S. “When I started I.T.S from my kitchen table 15 years ago, my vision was to inject innovation and excitement into the flavours industry. This new facility not only reflects our growth but also reinforces our commitment to leading the industry in flavour development and customer collaboration.”

The addition of this facility will streamline operations by hosting both raw materials and finished products, thereby bolstering I.T.S’s ability to offer unbeatable lead times and maintain a trusted supply chain. The current site will transform into a dedicated manufacturing and technical hub, significantly expanding production capacities to support the company’s growing flavour manufacturing demands.

Established in 2009 by Mike Bagshaw, I.T.S has grown from a visionary startup to a key player in the natural flavours market, now employing 24 people and continuously influencing food and beverage trends. The company’s ethos, ‘Taking A Braver Flavour’, remains central to its operations, emphasizing a bold approach to flavour innovation and responsiveness to rapidly changing market trends.

“These are exciting times for I.T.S and our dedicated team,” Bagshaw continued. “Investing in this new facility enables us to not only develop fantastic new flavours but also enhances our ability to work directly with our customers on product development and manufacturing. We look forward to the opportunities this expansion brings as we continue to push the boundaries of taste and innovation.”

I.T.S anticipates completing the move to the new premises by the end of this year, poised to start the new chapter in its quest to lead and revolutionize the flavour industry.

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