I.T.S adds to puree flavours range

Flavour specialists, I.T.S has expanded its range of natural fruit puree flavours with a ‘just crushed fruit taste’. The flavours help bakery manufacturers boost real fruit flavour without the cost and supply issues that may come with the use of real fruit puree.

New fruit puree flavours available from I.T.S are pear, apple, blueberry, pineapple and guava. The company launched natural fruit puree flavours in strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit, peach, apricot, banana, blackberry and mango last year.

I.T.S’ real fruit puree flavours have been developed to support food manufacturers meet growing consumer demand for authentic fruit flavours and help with finished product costs as Mike Bagshaw, founder of I.T.S comments:

“Consumer desire or natural flavour profiles that move away from sweeter confectionery styles means there is a big drive for authentic fruit flavours. According to Innova, 56% of consumers agree that they would pay more for a dish that they perceive to be more authentic. Real fruit puree flavours – nothing fancy but pure and authentic – are trending as demand from consumers to ‘keep it real’ continues.

“The reality is though that there can be limited availability and fluctuating prices associated with supply of some fruits and, as a result, costs for fruit puree can be high. As a result, manufacturers working with fruit flavours, look for a more cost-effective and cost-stable approach to getting that natural tasting flavour into food and drink products”.

Pear has been added to the range as I.T.S has seen growing demand for pear as a subtle flavour for use in indulgent, high-end patisserie. Blueberry continues to be one of the company’s bestselling flavours across all food categories so including a puree flavour seemed a logistical expansion. Guava is a trending flavour that is popular in the beverage market; the guava puree flavour allows for an intense flavour profile.

I.T.S’ natural fruit puree flavours deliver an intense flavour profile with a real natural crushed fruit taste including many of the notes found in cooked fruit. The new flavours can work well on their own, but also alongside real fruit puree meaning manufacturers can cut down on the amount of fruit puree used and reduce the overall cost in use.

In addition, natural fruit puree flavours can be much more straightforward to work with than real fruit purees as there are no issues with cloudiness or having to worry about the stability of the product.

Suitable for use across a range of applications, including beverages such as fruit beer, dairy products such as ice cream and yoghurt and baked treats, I.T.S’ new natural fruit puree flavours are allergen free and vegan suitable.

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