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Cargill INFUSE: Tailoring ingredient blends to develop innovative products that meet challenging consumer demands.

Meet INFUSE by Cargill the new service offering model from Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers Europe. It’s all about tailoring ingredient blends to answer specific customers’ requests to develop innovative products that meet challenging consumer demands.

Setup at the crux of innovation and reformulation, we understand the challenges when removing functional ingredients such as sugar or animal ingredients. Leveraging our broad Cargill ingredient portfolio combined with our formulation and technical expertise, we deliver a blended solution, tailored to your needs.

How we work

Three pillars serve as the foundation for INFUSE by Cargill customer focus in Europe

On-trend Solutions

Sweetness & Texture ingredient blends (versus single ingredients) designed to help you answer challenging consumer demands such as:

  • sugar & calorie reduction
  • label-friendly
  • plant-based & free from formulations


Agility is our middle name – we deliver first prototypes quickly after brief, with fast reiterations thereafter. Our blends offer a single solution simplifying and speeding up product development through to production, minimizing complexity and room for error.

Designed for you

No one blend is the same – starting from your needs, we leverage our broad Cargill ingredient portfolio of over 300 ingredients, to design a tailor-made solution.

Our solutions

Sugar & calorie reduction

  • Solutions allowing a min 30% calorie reduction by reducing sugar and fat while still providing a balanced recipe.
  • Blends combining different sweetness and texturizing ingredients that still provide the expected texture and mouthfeel that sugar and fat brings, designed to deliver a memorable eating experience.

Label-friendly formulation

  • Solutions with carefully selected ingredients that enable you to reduce your E-number declaration.
  • Label-friendly and functional solutions that do not impact performance and organoleptic properties.
  • Ingredient blends that are robust, consistent and reliable.

Plant-based & free from formulation

  • Solutions that provide key functional properties such as emulsifying, thickening, aeration, binding and moisture control, all needed when removing egg and dairy-based ingredients.
  • Helping you achieve the desired crumb structure of your egg free sponge cake, or provide that soft and chewy texture of your gummies when replacing gelatine for example.


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