Krispy Kreme Encourages Brits to Share

New research from Krispy Kreme has found that over a third (38 per cent) of Brits ‘rarely’ or completely refuse to share food – with 39 per cent identifying with Joey Tribbiani from the hit 90’s sitcom FriendsTM. A fifth (22 per cent) have even imitated his famous expression “Joey doesn’t share food!” when someone has tried to take some of their meal!

To celebrate 30 years of the iconic TV show and their new FriendsTM-inspired doughnut range, Krispy Kreme® is helping ‘Joeys’ across the UK embrace the benefits of sharing food, offering over 50% off a box of assorted Dozen doughnuts (costing just  £12 – that’s £1 per doughnut!) with the secret code – “Joey Dozen Share Food”.

Available 17th – 18th June, the offer is redeemable at Krispy Kreme® shops across the UK and Ireland, with anyone who says the secret code also receiving a limited-edition doughnut slicer, so they can more easily share their dozen doughnuts with friends (or family, or colleagues…)

The new research, which polled 2,000 adults via OnePoll, found that of those who don’t like sharing food, half (50 per cent) say it’s because they don’t want other people touching their food, as well as wanting to enjoy what they’re paid for (40 per cent). That being said, 17 per cent of non-sharers say they’d be more willing to share their food if they can control the exact amount they give away.

Psychologist, Dr Rachel Taylor, weighed in on the debate to highlight the good that can come from sharing food, adding, “Sharing food and eating together have deep-rooted social and neuropsychological benefits. Eating together triggers positive feelings of trust and empathy – a primal need that evokes safety and comfort from years of evolution. Research has shown that after a food-sharing event, circulating oxytocin levels, also known as the love hormone, increase, so when we share food our brains associate it with social bonding and feelings of belongingness. You could say food sharing is quite literally sharing the love!” 

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