Kudos Blends switches to MIWE oven for test trials

Kudos Blends has invested in a MIWE condo oven supplied by European Process Plant (EPP) to support its bakery trials. The baking powder supplier replaced an existing oven at its test bakery in Cleobury Mortimer, based on the Worcestershire and Shropshire border in a move to carry out more consistent internal product analysis and complete trials on behalf of its customers.

“Because we analyse products and we need to have very precise figures, we needed a very good oven that would produce consistent product,” explained Stephanie Morrison, Senior Bakery Technologist at Kudos Blends. “We bake on three or four decks at the same time. If there are any inconsistencies in the bake, the analysis is unreliable to start with. Our previous oven had started to develop hotspots which was causing issues for us.”

“I met Michael (Lomas) from EPP at a bakery event by chance, and he recommended that we visit the Puratos Innovation Centre to see a MIWE oven in action and do a few tests,” said Yvette Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing, Kudos Blends.

Kudos Blends supplies baking powder to industrial bakeries for a wide range of products including cakes, doughnuts, muffins, cupcakes, scones, pancakes, tortillas, crumpets and more. Their test bakery is used to analyse their own baking powders or perform trials on behalf of customers, for cases where they made need to troubleshoot a problem or try a new bake, for example. After visiting the Puratos Innovation Centre the company decided on a MIWE condo with four decks.

“We’ve been very pleased with the oven since we made the investment. We trialled various products in the oven, and we tested the consistency from one side of the oven to the other, as well as consistency between the decks – it’s so much better than our old oven,” added Stephanie. “Previously, we would have to use one deck and wait to reuse the same deck to ensure the testing consistency that we needed. We now have multiple decks that are reliable, meaning we can bake several batches of products at a time, which is much more efficient. It also heats up much faster than our previous oven, and it saves a lot of energy.”

First founded in 1999 by female entrepreneur Dinnie Jorden, Kudos Blends supplies industrial bakeries around the world, who in turn supply supermarkets and bakeries with finished baked goods.

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