MFG Tray accommodates all aspects of food handling

Moulded Fibre Glass Tray Company (MFG Tray) offers an extensive line of products expressly designed for food storage, preparation, and merchandising.

MFG Tray dough trays and boxes offer optimal dough protection. They readily integrate into small and large production pizza and baking operations for improved product handling and storage. The secure and tight stacking capability protects and extends product life. MFG Tray’s composite construction ensures years of dependable service. 

MFG Tray dough boxes are offered in three depths, 3″, 4.5″ and 6″ in two standard colours (white and grey) although custom colours are available. Optional dollies are available for ease of transport throughout the operation and snap-on lids for added product protection during proofing or storage, making them perfect for catering and other mobile applications. We always suggest the use of plastic utensils to protect your investment. 

MFG Tray dough boxes may be used intermittently in temperatures ranging from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C). MFG Tray dough boxes safely handle items to be refrigerated or frozen; they perform exceptionally well in flash freezing applications. The composite construction ensures dimensional stability without warping or sagging, regardless of changes in temperature or humidity. They may be cleaned in any standard or commercial high-temp washer. The smooth, nonporous surface of composite products resists odors, stains and mildew and is not harmed by detergents.  MFG Tray dough trays & boxes are NSF Listed. 

Along with dough trays and boxes, MFG Tray also manufactures a variety of other industry products:  proofing boards, pan extenders, market and supreme display trays, cafeteria trays, compartment trays, non-slip serving trays, prep and storage containers and ventilation trays.  All MFG trays and containers come in a variety of designs and sizes to meet the specific needs for food service operations. 

Proofing boards – Durable alternative to wood boards.  Setting new standards for cleanliness and durability.  Designed for use with standard proofing racks, will not bend, warp, or sag and are easily cleaned in standard washers. 

Pan extenders – Innovative solution ensuring straight edges for baked goods, eliminating trimming losses, and prevents over-baking.  Designed to accommodate standard baking temperatures. 

Display trays – Offered in several sizes and colours.  They easily integrate with product display cases and racks, as well as interior décor. Maintains shape and colour over many years – sure to be a long-lasting addition in your market, bakery, or confectionery shop. 

Cafeteria trays – Ideal for all food serving facilities and are available in many shapes and sizes; compartment trays and metric trays are also available. 

Non-Slip trays – Strong, light, and easy to handle. Provides 150% improvement in surface grip and stability. 

Prep and storage containers – Accommodates an array of applications such as food preparation, refrigeration, and freezing operations. Ensures optimum space utilisation and may be used to form mobile workstations. 

Ventilation trays – Feature dropped sides and/or ends for maximum air circulation allowing for quick drying, cooling, or freezing. 

MFG Tray has been a trusted supplier of trays and containers in the food service industry for over 65 years. These trays offer several exclusive design, cost and performance benefits for that cannot be duplicated by other materials or manufacturers. The inherent strength and dimensional stability of MFG Tray composite trays make them exceptionally well suited for the food service industry applications. Protect your customers and your brand reputation with the frontline prevention and quality that MFG Tray provides. 

Image credit: MFG Tray
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