Nestlé Cereals launches ‘Wheat Plan’ to support U.K. farmers

Nestlé Cereals launches ‘Wheat Plan’ to support U.K. farmers adopting regenerative agriculture practices.

Nestlé Cereals has launched the Nestlé Wheat Plan, a sustainable farming initiative through which the business is forming partnerships with British wheat farmers to support the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices.

Already a number of farmers in the U.K. are taking part in the Nestlé Wheat Plan, with the intention to steadily grow this number in the coming years.

Working with the collaborative venture Landscape Enterprise Networks scheme and wheat farmers, the plan aims to reduce the impact of modern farming and help drive sustainable wheat sourcing in the U.K.

As part of the plan, farmers are supported in striving to make their farming practices more sustainable; regenerative farming methods reduce pesticide use, carbon emissions and soil erosion, while simultaneously improving organic soil matter and biodiversity.

This is achieved through practices such as cover cropping; which protects water quality and ensures the soil isn’t left bare and vulnerable to erosion; reduced cultivation to keep soils healthier and reduce C02 losses to the atmosphere; or planting hedgerows, which creates new habitats for biodiversity, captures carbon from the atmosphere, and absorbs moisture from soil in wet weather.

“We know that production of crops depends on the state of the natural environment, which can be uncertain due to changing weather conditions,” said Robin Sundaram, Responsible Sourcing Manager at Nestlé UK and Ireland. “We also know that this will only get worse due to climate change. By supporting our wheat farmers to transition to more regenerative farming practices they will become more resilient in the long term, as well as reduce their environmental impact with benefits for carbon, flood mitigation, water quality, air quality and soil health. Ultimately, this will also help us maintain the stable wheat supply necessary to continue producing the nation’s favourite cereals.”

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