New denesters will tackle error and waste

Tray-sealing company MPE UK is launching a new range of denesters that will be compatible with nearly ally types of packaging material and machinery.

Denesters are a high-speed destacking solution for reducing manual intervention and increasing throughput whether the base material is card, plastic or foil. MPE is introducing a compact model capable of integrating into any production line, denesting different sizes and shaped trays with a five-minute magazine changeover.

The high throughput technology is easy to operate and capable of running large format trays – including cardboard packs – while taking up minimal factory floor space. It reduces manual intervention by taking over the task of loading trays onto a conveyor. Less human error also equals less waste and more speed in response to sectors which are seeking sustainable packaging systems.

The MPE denesters are able to load around 200 trays a minute before filling, and can be used with any flat blue belt or indexing conveyor with full control over speed. It also offers customers after-sales support as the electronics can be monitored, updated and serviced remotely, reducing a company’s carbon footprint.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, the company’s denesters can be bespoke to a customer’s requirements. Manually placing products can be slow, inconsistent and prone to error, where the denesters can offer high-speed accuracy.

“Our innovative new denesters provide food processors of all sizes exactly what they need to stay ahead of the packaging innovation curve. In an ever-changing marketplace it is crucial to keep pace with the latest manufacturing processes, including denesters at the start of the production line,” explained John Hodgkiss, Technical Director at MPE. “Our equipment can help customers achieve all their objectives including increased productivity and packaging accuracy – thus helping to improve the bottom line and boosting profit margins for any companies involved in the food packaging industry.”

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