New dough dividers bring benefits

A new design of the short hopper and updated top box in Baker Perkins Accurist dough dividers will significantly reduce long-term cost of ownership across the range, the company says.

Accurist dividers are beneficial to bakers for their ability to maintain scaling-weight accuracy of 2.5 to 3.5g Standard Deviation on 900g dough pieces for 10,000 hours. After this stage in the process, the internal short hopper typically needs recoating, which previously required lengthy downtime and a visit from a Baker Perkins service energy to remove and replace the one-piece top box, faceplate and short hopper.

This now has been replaced by three separate parts which allow the short hopper to be changed easily and rapidly with another pre-coated hopper enabling the divider to get back into production; the faceplate and top box no longer have to be removed.

In addition to this, a standardised short hopper design across the Accurist range means a reduced short hopper stock holding for sites with multiple divider designs.

As well as offering quicker and easier maintenance the separate faceplate does not require machining, preventing air leaks which can affect scaling on the dough.

The Accurist 2.1 washdown dough divider uses servo control to achieve a balance between accuracy and quality at a high output. Cell structure of the dough can be preserved by gentle dough handling, and efficient and low-wear components sustain accuracy with a washdown capability which contributes to hygiene and easy cleaning.

Servo control works to preserve cell structure by minimising shear, compression and ram movement. Benefits of this include a 15% increase in cell count, a 20% increase in softness, greater volume, improved crumb structure and better colour.

The Accurist 5000 and 9000 are easy to operate and maintain with a wide range of piece-weight and output combinations, covering a range of applications in bakery including small breads, pizza bases and large loaves.

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