New dry yeasts from Angel Yeast

Yeast manufacturer Angel Yeast has developed a dry yeast product Premium Dry Yeast, to address baking challenges, at Bakery China, a global event to serve the bakery and confectionery market.

With widespread use of yeast in a variety of baking applications, yeast producers are faced with the challenge of creating formulations that meet the requirements of changing environments, culinary customs of each region and the expectations of different consumers.

The advantages of Premium Dry Yeast include it being a high-sugar yeast resistant to high osmotic pressure and weak organic acids, ideal for large-scale food producers who need to extend the shelf life of their bread and baked goods. It’s also resistant to cold shock, as bakers in tropical climates have to deal with high temperatures and harsh production environments, needing to add ice to control the dough temperature and avoid rapid yeast fermentation. Being resistant to cold shock, the high and low-sugar yeasts allow standard fermentation in recipes that require the addition of ice and cold water.

The company has carried out extensive research on the varieties of the dry yeast, including experimental phases designed for each scenario including high and low temperature environments and different formulations.

The high-sugar yeast is designed for bakery products requiring recipes with 5-30% sugar, while the low-sugar yeast is suitable for baked goods containing 0-12% sugar. The new low-sugar variety is more tolerant to sugar, feasible for low-sugar bread recipes and fermenting high-sugar formulations.

One strain comes from the Himalayan region and is resistant to cold water, the second strain is resistant to heat and high temperatures, while the third strain, coming from a high-altitude, low-oxygen region, has a natural growth capacity and adaptability.

Both yeast varieties have a water content of no more than 5%, meaning they have a 24 month shelf life in a cool, dry place under regular storage conditions.

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