Nighttime snacking options extended

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Nightfood Holdings, a company advocating for sleep-friendly nighttime snacking has announced that the first commercial production run of Nightfood cookies has been completed.

Sleep-friendly ice cream entered national hotel distribution in May 2022, through a relationship with one of the companies in global hospitality. The snack brand has since secured distribution in select properties across large hotel brands including Holiday Inn, Marriott, Hyatt, Crowne Plaza, and more.

Hotel leaders have communicated to Nightfood that they envision offering sleep-friendly versions of popular nighttime snacks to their guests in lobby shops, while Nightfood believes hotels carry an obligation to support guest sleep in any way possible, including nutritionally. The hoped for result is that sleep-friendly nighttime snacking will become an industry standard across the some 56,000 hotels in the US.

Having announced the introduction of Nightfood cookies, Nightfood is expanding the brand beyond a single snack format of ice cream pints. Having a full range of snack options including ice cream, cookies, chips and candy is expected to drive increased distribution, awareness, consumption, revenue and profit within hotels.

“It’s tremendously exciting for Nightfood to graduate from an ice-cream only brand to a multi-format snack brand,” said Sean Folkson, CEO of Nightfood. “Hotel leaders have flat-out told us they want sleep-friendly options in all the popular categories, not just ice cream.”

According to Nightfood, each 30-gram service of Prime-Time Chocolate Chip Cookies contains less sugar, fat, fewer calories with more protein, an added prebiotic fibre blend and Vitamin B6, to make it the more sleep-friendly choice compared with conventional chocolate chip cookies.

Available in two serving, 60-gram pouches, Nightfood cookies are expected to sell between US$4.49 and US$6.49 per pouch in hotels.

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