Open Door face-to-face session concludes

Grupo Bimbo Open Door’s face-to-face session has concluded at the company’s corporate building, as the business accelerators program aims to find collaboration with start-ups to offer benefits for both parties.

This year of Bimbo Open Door marks the fifth edition of business accelerators the company has launched, as the company has announced partnering with the “vision” of 11 entrepreneurs representing seven countries.

“Through Bimbo Open Door, we can see visions from all over the world. We have known very different perspectives. Opening the geographical scope helps us to enrich what we see. The biggest challenge for Bimbo Ventures is integrating the innovation offered by small and fast-moving companies into Grupo Bimbo. That is our primary function,” explained Constantino Matouk, Global Director of Bimbo Ventures.

The overall goal of the program is to find “collaboration points” with start-ups that offer benefits for both, but also for Bimbo to learn from their willingness to experiment. The 11 companies selected from countries including Chile, the US, UK, Colombia, Singapore, Peru and Mexico, all held talks with Daniel Servitje, CEO of Grupo Bimbo, in which they had the opportunity to ask questions about sustainability, business culture, personal advice and leadership.

“Every company must formalise the culture that characterizes it, transmit it to every one of its leaders who, in turn, can replicate it with their associates,” said Daniel Servitje, CEO of Grupo Bimbo.

The 11 companies also visited different sales centres of Bimbo including supermarkets and local stores. They were then able to share experiences and the most valuable learnings obtained during the week.

“I think it was a very enriching experience. I am amazed at its leadership and how Grupo Bimbo has reinvented itself through the years. Getting things right is constant growth. I also admire their mission and determination to achieve sustainability. Their slogan ‘Nourish a better world’ is something I take home,” concluded Sofia Paredes, one of the selected companies.

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