Organic & natural ingredients for cleaner labelling

Clean labelling

Meurens Natural produces a unique range of cereal extracts providing natural taste, colour, sweetness, texture for the food & drink industry.

A pioneer in the European organic sector for 30 years, Meurens Natural has developed a unique know-how, 100% in line with the organic philosophy. By doing so, it has become the European specialist in cereal hydrolysis, through the originality of its production process and the variety of raw materials processed.

Our completely natural production process enables us to process our raw materials in a clean, simple and sustainable way.

A range of tastes, textures and colours

Our solutions come in the form of syrups and powders to integrate into your formulations.

With these products, you can keep your ingredient list clean, short and clear to consumers, while achieving the desired results in terms of taste, texture and colour.

They also provide a natural alternative to sugar, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, food colouring, texturizer, etc.

Multiple applications

Bring a natural taste and colour to your biscuits, texture to your cereal bars, reduced sugar content to your desserts and yoghurts, a milk substitute to your plant-based preparations (drinks, desserts, yoghurts, ice creams, etc.) and a natural sweetness to your fruit preparations, etc.

Our manufacturing process preserves a maximum of raw materials’ properties in terms of taste, colour and minerals. From the most neutral to the most typical, from the lightest to the darkest, you will find the right solution for your product.

For the organic and conventional sectors

Initially developed exclusively in the organic sector (Sipal range), our assortment has been expanded with the creation of a second range dedicated to the conventional sector (Natu range).

This enables us to meet the specific needs of our European customers and the expectations of their respective markets even better.

Our unique range of cereal extracts includes:

  • rice syrups
  • oat syrups
  • wheat syrups
  • spelt syrups
  • manioc syrups
  • corn syrups
  • barley-malt syrups
  • rice powders
  • oat powders
  • wheat powders
  • manioc powder

New cereal bases to easily create plant-based recipes

  • oat bases for plant-based recipes (drinks, yogurts, desserts, ice creams, etc)
  • rice bases for plant-based recipes (drinks, yogurts, desserts, ice creams, etc)
  • spelt bases for plant-based recipes (drinks, yogurts, desserts, ice creams, etc)
  • date juice concentrate

And many tailor-made solutions!


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