Palsgaard to exhibit plant-based, powdered emulsifiers at IBIE

Booth 7389

Palsgaard will highlight the benefits of its powdered whipping-active cake emulsifiers at the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE). Many US cake premix manufacturers currently use shortening as a carrier for emulsifiers, while cake gels are a common choice in long-shelf-life cakes. Exhibiting at IBIE, Palsgaard will demonstrate why its range of powdered whipping-active cake emulsifiers are the perfect alternative to both.

In a new report, the company says the needs of US cake consumers are changing. There is demand for a wider variety of cakes, including better-for-you and free-from products, and sustainability is increasingly important.

Powdered whipping-active cake emulsifiers can help bakers meet these needs, as well as offering a range of practical advantages over shortening and cake gels. Their benefits include:


  • Simplicity: No pre-hydration or pre-emulsification is needed, so the number of production stages can be reduced
  • Better-for-you: Can facilitate a switch from saturated fats to unsaturated liquid oils
  • More with less: Higher emulsifier content than typical shortenings or cake gels
  • Speed: Act rapidly, allowing acceleration of output
  • Versatility: Can be used in a wide range of products – high or low-fat; aerated or non-aerated.

Palsgaard will be showcasing its two ranges of powdered whipping-active cake emulsifiers at IBIE (8-11 September in Las Vegas), Booth #7389. Emulpals is specially designed for premixes, while Palsgaard SA is optimized for long shelf-life cakes. Both are suitable for all cake types – from layer cakes and Swiss rolls to cupcakes and muffins. Concepts presented at IBIE will include a vegan, gluten-free and lean label brownie made from a premix containing Emulpals 130, and a Matcha, Chai and Taro tea layer cake featuring Palsgaard SA 6600.

As well as being versatile and easy to use, Palsgaard’s powdered whipping-active cake emulsifiers help manufacturers respond to concerns about sustainability. They are plant-based and made in 100% CO2-neutral facilities – a claim which, to Palsgaard’s knowledge, no other emulsifier manufacturer can make.  Where the company uses palm oil ingredients, it relies on RSPO-certified raw materials, enabling it to offer its complete product range as MB- or SG-certified.

Rosa E. Regalado, General Manager at Palsgaard, said: “Powdered whipping-active cake emulsifiers are the smart choice in both premixes and long shelf-life cakes. They offer a range of advantages over shortening and cake gels, including stability, simplicity, and opportunities for better-for-you cakes. Industrial bakers and premix manufacturers who work with Palsgaard get all these advantages, as well as meeting consumer demand for sustainably produced products.”

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