Patagonia acquires climate-friendly snack brand

Clothing company Patagonia’s new food and beverage division, Patagonia Provisions, has acquired Planet Forward’s Moonshot brand. The acquisition, which marks a first in more than 20 years for the company, was made as part of an effort to invest in businesses and products which support its mission to protect the planet.

As consumers become increasingly aware of the role of the food system plays in the climate crisis, many are looking for foods with a reduced environmental impact. Patagonia Provisions is meeting this consumer demand for climate-friendly foods, it has said, by sourcing ingredients that rebuild soil, protect the health of ocean ecosystems and overall protect the environment.

Moonshot was created with the intention of becoming the first, climate-friendly snack with the mission of tackling the climate crisis through responsible food supply chains. The company’s main ingredient, wheat, is grown with regenerative and organic practices and is traceable to farm and field. Regenerative agriculture is designed to grow crops in a way that regenerates and restores ecosystems.

“Moonshot has achieved impressive growth by producing and selling delicious and nutritious crackers with a materially improved carbon footprint compared to industry standard practices,” said Paul Lightfoot, General Manager of Patagonia Provisions. “Moonshot’s values and mission are strongly aligned with Patagonia Provisions, which made it easy to warmly welcome their people onto our team.”

The company has designed a micro supply chain with its wheat farmers, millers and manufacturers within 100 miles of each other, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Patagonia Provisions looks forward to incorporating the product and its business model into its company moving forward.

“I founded Moonshot with the vision of using the power of food to help tackle climate change,” added Julia Collins, Founder of Moonshot. “By joining Patagonia Provisions, who recently made Earth their only shareholder, Moonshot now belongs to the planet. I cannot imagine a more spectacular path forward for our mission, our team and our Climatarian community.”

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