Plant-based butter receives accolade

A recently launched butter has just received an independent accolade recognising its reduced impact on the environment in particular taking into consideration climate impact, water use, animal welfare and rainforest protection.

The Founders of Be Better My Friend the plant-based butter sought verification from Swiss-based sustainability bureau Eaternity which contributes to the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by seeking to establish sustainable foods in society.

Be Better, which was just launched in the UK last month, is used by chefs worldwide with a neutral taste. It enables artisans to bring flavours they want to highlight to the forefront.

By reviewing aspects of the products including their ingredients, energy usage, packaging and transport, Be Better received a high score with regards to climate, water, animal welfare and rainforest protection. Eaternity placed it in the top three percent for lack of impact on the climate and in the top seven percent for lowest water use for butters.

Shea nuts used in the plant-based better are natural and not farmed, fertilised or irrigated, meaning no additional water is used in the production.

“Be Better was founded with the ambition to make great tasting products that make a positive impact on the world. We believe that everyone in the food production industry can strive to ‘be better’ when it comes to their environmental footprint, as pastry tastes so much better if it makes you feel better too,” said Marike van Beurden, Founder of Be Better. “The reasons for switching to Be Better are manyfold, with its neutral taste and purity being one of the key reasons for chefs. In addition, it is better for the environment, kind to animals and cheaper than dairy butter; particularly relevant in these times of spiralling energy costs.”

“Our food choices are responsible for one-third of manmade greenhouse gas emissions. We have the potential to reduce food related emissions by at least 50% through smart diet choices. Acting accordingly improves more than any technological advancement ever will,” added Judith Ellens, Co-Founder and Head of Science of Eaternity.

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