Plant-based egg alternatives

The current egg shortage and rising costs of eggs has driven bakery manufacturers to plant-based egg alternatives as bakery brand OGGS is in trials with two of the UK’s bakery manufacturers looking to replace liquid egg used in sponge cake production with the brand’s Egg Alternative Aquafaba.

Increasing government pressures to adhere to HFSS guidelines and lower carbon criteria means the replacement of eggs with OGGS may provide a longer term solution for manufacturers.

The plant-based egg alternative is made using chickpeas and has gone through an R&D process involving two top universities in the UK and Portugal to develop a plant-based egg alternative which works for large scale manufacturing.

The OGGS alternative has fewer calories, reduced saturated fat and a reduced carbon impact. The alternative was launched into the grocery market in 2020, a year after the founding of the company in 2019, the same year the company launched its first vegan bakery range which gained listings in five retailers. It currently comprises of nine products including Victoria Sponge cake to mini cupcakes.

“The manufacturers we are talking to use liquid egg primarily for sponge cakes. They have found that the biggest gain in swapping eggs for OGGS® Egg Alternative Aquafaba is that it can be used as a direct swap into their current processes, as an ambient product,” commented Hannah Carter, Founder of OGGS. “We’re not wanting to ‘vegan-ise’ products, what we’re seeing is that even partial swaps make a significant difference in terms of shifting the over reliance on animal products in manufacturing. We’re able provide a practical solution at this time and we’re focused on investing in longer term partnerships with manufacturers to drive positive change.”

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