Product Spotlight: BENEO

BENEO takes us through their sugar reduction solutions to meet demand from an increasingly health-conscious consumer market. 

“Sugar free”, “no added sugar”, “sugar reduced” – more and more packaging is now adorned with information like this. The products inside contain less sugar and fewer calories, and the number of these new product launches is rising. The reasons for this trend include increasingly stringent regulatory requirements around the world, but sugar reduction is something that has been on the minds of consumers for a while now, and their demand for alternatives is huge. On the one hand, this is being prompted by consumer concern about weight gain, and on the other, the health consequences of increased sugar consumption in western societies has become more and more evident. Thus, it is hardly surprising that consumers perceive sugar reduced products as healthier options.  

Contemporary sweetening concepts
Food manufacturers are working hard to meet both consumer needs and regulatory requirements. As a matter of course, they are dispensing with unpopular ingredients, setting value on meaningful nutritional profiles and improving on-pack labelling. In particular, suppliers with in-depth knowledge of ingredients are in high demand as they are able to actively support their customers in areas such as the development of suitable recipes, which is one of the biggest challenges in the production of healthier foods.  

Sugar not only provides pleasant sweetness – it also performs important functions within the food matrix in terms of appearance, stability and texture – so simply reducing or eliminating sugar only works in the rarest of cases. Therefore, it is essential for manufacturers to select alternative ingredients that improve the nutritional profile of foods and maintain a high level of taste and texture at the same time.

Good taste is, and remains, the number one shopping criterion – even for health-conscious consumers. Contemporary concepts for sweetening are the solution and, as one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, BENEO offers the right choice for many product concepts. These innovative ingredients provide not only technological functionalities but health benefits too...

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