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Italian packaging company and global provider, Cama, discusses the various packaging machinery they promote for different bakery products.

The bakery industry demands the same as others: speed, precision & repeatability, but we also have to look for delicacy, positive handling and maximum agility. 

We won’t force you to adopt our technology, we will adapt our technology to suit you. And with our comprehensive range of packaging styles and formats, you have maximum flexibility to choose a solution that precisely matches your application. 

Our role as packaging equipment supplier is also helping meet the need for longer shelf life for bakery products. Cama’s range of equipment is around paper based packaging which is less about barrier properties and more about the structural side for sleeves, cartons and cases which are designed to protect the product in transit so that it arrives to the end consumer in good condition.  This is a prerequisite even before shelf-life concerns are addressed.  Cama’s solutions are helping manufacturers to achieve plastic reduction targets and make efficiency gains. In addition, the wide range of shelf ready packaging covered by Cama machine is able to provide all the solutions in place for the shelf ready pack. 

Furthermore, our capability is to have an own developed robotic system to cover the requirements coming from the bakery industry which is now requiring a flexible production able to supply in a short time different packing configurations or flavours. 

The bakery industry is also so diversified in terms of product styles, formats, sizes and shapes that you need a packaging partner that can handle massive variety. You also need to keep pace with market demands and seasonal fluctuations. Can your packaging partner help you do that? Cama can! Don’t let your packaging technology restrict your imagination and innovation. If you can design it, we can package it! 

Bags, packets, flow wraps, trays, cases, cartons, containers… you name, we can package it using sideload, top load and robots, whatever best suits your needs. 


Bags into Tray/Lid case (standing or flat) – Bags into 3-flap box (Flat) – Top Load – Bags into Wrap Around case (Flat) – Bags into RSC case (Flat) 


Flowpacks into Wrap Around case – Flowpacks into 3-flap box (On-edge or flat) – Top Load – Flowpacks into pre glued box (Flat) – Top Load – Flowpacks into Tray/Lid case – Top Load or Wrap Around 

Rigid Boxes: 

Rigid Boxes into 3-flap box (On-edge or flat) – Top Load – Rigid Boxes into Wrap Around case (Standing) – Rigid Boxes into RSC case – Rigid Boxes into Tray/Lid case (Flat). 


Trays into Wrap Around case – Trays into preglued box – Side Load – Trays into Tray/Lid case – Side Load – Trays into RSC case – Top Load. 


Containers into Wrap Around case – Containers into Tray/Lid case – Containers into RSC case – Top Load. 

With multiple successes in multiple packaging formats, products and markets, Cama Group can help you design eye-catching packaging concepts, and then deliver the means to fill them, accurately, repeatedly and at speed. And there’s no need to stand still. When your products change, the machine changes with you! 

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