Product Spotlight: Dawn Foods

Dawn Foods’ comprehensive vegan portfolio enables manufacturers the chance to meet growing demand for plant-based bakery products while guaranteeing premium taste and texture  

Interest in veganism has witnessed rapid growth over recent years and is now becoming a ‘must have’ within the bakery industry. As consumer demand increases so, of course, do the market and commercial opportunities.  

New Vegan Sponge Cake Mix and Caramel Filling 

The new Dawn Balance® Vegan Sponge Cake Mix is a V-label certified product that provides the same functionality, good batter structure and aeration, texture and taste experience as a regular sponge cake mix, but without the eggs. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are committed to a strictly plant-based, or vegan, diet, as well as those who are looking to limit their consumption of animal-derived products. 

The new Dawn Balance® Delicream Caramel Vegan goes well with the Vegan Sponge Cake Mix. It is creamy, luscious and delicious, like a normal caramel filling, but without the regular dairy ingredients. The great taste, the versatility, the consistent texture and the fact that it is vegan certified means that you can rely on it for all your (vegan) caramel baking needs. 

Fully vegan applications
Both new products are added to Dawn’s comprehensive vegan portfolio, designed to help you meet this growing demand for vegan bakery.  

From vegan pastry mixes to create Authentic American Bakery products to vegan suitable custards and naturally vegan fruit fillings, Dawn is committed to continuing to expand on high-quality vegan bakery products that help you meet the needs of the growing number of consumers who are looking for plant-based alternatives. 

Even for bakery applications that are less obvious to have a vegan or plant-based option, due to the use of eggs or dairy, there are tasty vegan bakery ingredient solutions available. All easy to use, tolerant and robust bakery ingredients that deliver consistent and delicious results, making it a piece of cake to create delicious applications and fully vegan.  

Vegan on the label? 

Did you know 57% of European consumers said that they are willing to try more sweet baked goods with better-for-you claims (Dawn Trends Bakery Survey, 2022) and 46% of European consumers said that vegan 

claims influence their purchase of cakes and patisserie (FMCG Gurus, 2023)? However, with the similarity in taste and texture between vegan and non-vegan ingredients, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between the two.  

It is all just deliciously tasty pastry and the choice is yours how you want to position and label it! 

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