Product Spotlight: Dawn Foods


Learn more about Dawn Foods innovation around alternative egg-free solution and how beneficial this development is in the bakery sector.

With the prices for eggs on the rise, if you are even lucky enough to find eggs in this time of scarcity, it is good to know you have egg-free alternative solutions to still get that glossy shine on your fresh baked goods!  

Adding a non-sticky, long-lasting shine to your Viennoiserie, buns and brioches will make them more appealing and enhance the freshly baked look. With Dawn’s offer of egg wash substitutes, you can create this golden finish without using eggs or products containing eggs! The best part? You will not be dependent on the volatile egg prices in the market anymore. So now your products will shine even more!  

Dawn offers different types of clean label egg wash substitutes. Convenient and easy to apply and clean, they enable you to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and with the different variants and packaging sizes on offer, there is always one that suits your specific need, production line or process.  

Liquid, ready-to-use solutions   

Our liquid, ready-to-use solutions are both E-number and preservative free and are suitable for Kosher and Halal as well as for gluten intolerance diets.  

Dawn Balance® Unishine Plus 

To use before or after baking. For general, large variety of applications like brioche, buns, and Viennoiserie. Low viscosity for easy spraying and vegan suitable.  

Dawn Balance® Emulshine Extra Sugar Free   

To use before or after proofing, freezing or baking. For more demanding applications like frozen bake off or puff pastry. Suitable for savoury applications and the application method is spray, brush or roll. Also, vegetarian is suitable.  

Powdered solutions  

Our powdered solutions have similar benefits as the liquid, ready-to-use ones. In addition, transport and storage are more convenient and easier, resulting in less packaging and waste and a lower carbon footprint.  

Dawn Balance® Instashine  

To use before baking, to be used with water at 40-50ºC. For general, large variety of applications like brioche, buns, Viennoiserie. E-number and preservative free and vegetarian suitable.  

Dawn Balance® Aftershine  

To use after baking, to be used with ambient water. For general, large variety of applications like brioche, buns, Viennoiserie and vegan suitable.  

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