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Puratos UK and Fourayes have coupled up to launch a fresh innovation that fills the gap for cleaner label bakery ingredients bursting with real-fruit flavour, including British-grown Bramley apple.

Utterly Fruity is a unique collection of real fruit and vegetable pieces, specially formulated to overcome moisture migration issues for the bakery sector. The new range allows for the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in baked goods, without compromising on product texture, flavour, or shelf-life.  Utterly Fruity is available in four varieties: Bramley Apple, Cranberry, Carrot, and Beetroot.

Julia Darvill, managing director of Puratos UK, said: “Fourayes and Puratos are both family-run, customer-focused businesses with innovation at their core, making this partnership an ideal fit. Both health and well-being and sustainability sit at the heart of Puratos innovations, and we are committed to helping customers create locally-sourced, fruit-powered products that offer optimal freshness.  With Utterly Fruity, Fourayes has turned premium fresh fruits into flexible ingredients which maintain fresh fruit integrity in harsh mixing and at high temperatures. In addition they never freeze, making them the perfect pairing for everything from bagels to muffins to ice cream. We’re proud to bring this unique, versatile innovation to market and are excited to watch our relationship with Fourayes blossom.”

Fourayes Farm and Factory, located in its 100-acre English Bramley apple orchard in Kent, was founded 65 years ago by the grandfather of current owner, managing director and fruitician Phil Acock. The succeeding decades have seen a host of forward-thinking Fourayes innovations, with the company now boasting an extensive product offering, from fruit fillings and commercial jams to processed English Bramley apple and plumptious mincemeat.

Phil, who is also vice chairman of British Apples and Pears, said: “This partnership showcases the natural synergies of a progressive third generation fruit manufacturer and an internationally-renowned and respected family-owned bakery specialist. Puratos UK and Fourayes are united in a vision to provide resilient, superior ingredients that enhance taste and cater for increased demand for Farm to Fork transparency and improved nutritional profiles. Utterly Fruity is the jewel in our product portfolio crown, finding the coveted sweet-spot between freshness and juicy real-fruit taste, and we’re delighted to be working with Puratos to bring this truly transformative ingredients range to a bigger stage.”

Puratos’s Taste Tomorrow consumer research recently revealed over a third of UK consumers now look for the inclusion of ‘power ingredients’, such as fresh fruit, in their food and almost half (44%) wish to buy products that contain locally-sourced ingredients.  The study also highlights that taste and texture still reign supreme, with a clear unwillingness from consumers to compromise on these fundamental elements.

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