Puratos undergoes packaging transformation

Undertaking a packaging transformation is part of Puratos’ commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices, the company says, as it works towards lowering its environmental footprint of products and organisation as a whole.

As part of the company’s objective to become a zero-waste-to-landfill company by 2030, it has taken steps to reduce the amount of single use plastic in operations, increasing reusable packaging materials and making all packaging material fully recyclable by 2025.

Some of Puratos’ product packaging types are already recyclable – such as the buckets they use for compound chocolate and fruit fillings – but they are making changes to other packaging types, too, designing them to be recyclable.

Many of its products such as Belcolade chocolate, Smoobees inclusions, Softgrain and others, come in flexible plastic bags and pouches. The packaging materials are being upgraded to have a mono-material structure, which means they are made from a single type of material as opposed to a combination. This means it can be more easily recycled because it can be sorted and processed at recycling facilities more efficiently, reducing waste in landfills and lowering the total environmental impact.

The new packaging for powder bags used for Puratos’ bakery mixes and improvers will be designed to separate the paper and polyethylene layers, allowing for easy recycling.

It will also be produced in a more sustainable way, using fewer chemicals and less energy, and will be made from certified sustainable raw materials where possible, such as FSC-certified paper when it comes to widely-used powder bag packaging.

Importantly, the new packaging will be functional; including features such as easy-opening food safety system in powder-based ingredient bags, to ensure hygiene in food processing environments, prevent contamination during bag opening and reduces food waste.

Many of the company’s products, such as Sproutgrain, Smoobees and Cubease bakery improver are already offered in this functional and sustainable packaging.

Secondary packaging will be delivered in boxes made from unbleached paper, developed using recycled pulp and with reduced ink usage.

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