Pure Flour from Europe initiative

The ‘Pure Flour from Europe’ project is managed by the Italian Milling Industry Association (ITALMOPA) and co-funded by the European Union to promote exporting Made in Europe- and Made In Italy-certified organic soft wheat flour and organic semolina, which will be showcased at the Specialty Food Association’s Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, 15-17 January 2023.

The initiative was first launched in March 2022 and made its debut at Bakery SIAL America, an international trade show held in Las Vegas last year. According to the Association, they see “great opportunity” in the US to grow exports of organic soft wheat flour and semolina from Italy, as bakers and chefs look for premium ingredients which are healthy and nutritious.

“They also want to respect the environment,” explained Emilio Ferrari, past President, ITALMOPA in a press release from last year. “Organic flour from our member companies delivers on all these needs and elevates the quality of most any culinary creation.”

The EU initiative ‘Pure Flour from Europe: your Organic and Sustainable Choice’ is designed to highlight both sought-after flours at their booth at the show, with ITALMOPA leading the effort in partnership with the European Commission. Flour and semolina companies throughout Italy, including Molino Cassilo, Molino De Vita and Molino Grassi will be showcasing their organic lines at the food trade show to buyers from restaurants, retailers and manufacturers.

Offerings on display will include organic soft wheat flour, suitable for its applications in delicate cakes, bread and pizza, and organic durum wheat semolina which works well with pasta.

Europe has strict laws protecting the quality of its agricultural products and a proud tradition of milling expertise which make for exceptional certified organic flours that meet most any culinary need,” explained Andrea Valente, President, ITALMOPA. “Our organic flours and semolina are made with only high quality grains grown to strict pesticide-free standards and nourished by the earth and sky. Quality and sustainability have always been central to our members’ efforts.”

In preparation for the show, ITALMOPA has released a recipe list to show how to best utilise the flour and semolina. Each recipe is inspired by Italian Chef Viviana Marrocoli, as the organic wheat and organic semolina flours are well suited to all types of cooking and baking. Chef Viviana’s approach follows that of ‘circular cooking’, an environmentally conscious approach which uses fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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